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Saint Alban d’Ay in the green Ardèche

The green vistas of the commune extend upwards from an elevation of 380m at the bridge of the lake d’Embrun, to 1195m at the summit of the Suc des Vents, which overlooks several regions, and from where you can enjoy breath-taking views.

The many walking trails, and family walks will give you a taste of the well protected natural environment.

St-Alban is proud to be the French birth place of the renowned ‘truffole’ potato, which even possesses its very own brotherhood.

In addition there are four ancient castles in the commune, endowing it with significant historical interest.

A dynamic part of the Ardèche. A lifestyle in harmony with nature.   

The green Ardèche, destination nature.

Come and discover an authentic natural environment, local producers who are proud of their land, and a mosaic of greenery.

D’Annonay, the homeland of the Montgolfier brothers, in the Doux valley, passing through the Ardèche plateau, Lalouvesc and Saint-Felicien, the origins of the Ardèche, and at the heart of the Saint-Joseph vineyard; the green Ardèche is a joy to discover in all seasons.

Set out to discover the history of the great men who have left their mark on the green Ardèche; castles, museums, protected natural sites… Here is it impossible to choose between the innovations of the Montgolfier brothers, Marc Seguin, the craftsmen, the tanners, the mariners, the pilgrimages to Boucieu le Roi or Lalouvesc; or the history of the castle of Tournon. The green Ardèche has a unique and rich heritage, with significant historical figures; and all this set within a lush protected environment. Discover the authentic Ardèche in a different way, enjoying its simplicity, and its “joie de vivre”.